The Consilium

Unlike other Consilium where there is a heirarch and then representatives for every path, London’s Consilium splits the position between two roles, Merlin, the head of the Mysterium for the UK, and Arthur, the head of the Adamantine Arrow for the UK.

Over the years many have petitioned this system, the main criticism saying that it’s outdated and too heavily tied to the empire.

The Consilium at a Glance

  • Merlin Bede – Arcanthus – Mysterium
  • Arthur Herne – Thyrus – Adamantine Arrow
  • Alchemist Fiddler – Moros – Guardians
  • Shaman Foxglove – Thyrus – Silver Ladder
  • Thauamaturge Abraham [Desceased, replacement yet to be elected]
  • Warlock Desiderata – Mysterium
  • Witch Chang√≥ – Free Council

The Consilium

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