Nos adepto stercore factum est. We get shit done.


Kepler is the Moros representative for the london consilium. He is a second generation Iranian immigrant, though he outwardly through his mannerisms appears thoroughly white washed, though this may be due to a fairly thick Lancashire accent. He often wears a tweed jacket, it appears to be fraying slightly, but people have noticed its been slightly fraying for the last twenty years, without any substantial wear.

Me seems to be a midranking Guardian of the Veil, though no one can quite place his position. He tends to avoid Consilium politics unless his duty to the path drags him into it. Though he has in the past stated that the mysterium holds too much sway over the territory of London. No one is entirely sure where his expertise with arcanum lie, though most agree that he’d be an underdog were he to clash with the Merlin.


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